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Well, if you don’t have money to invest in start-ups. Or maybe you are broke, or you are afraid of end up being scammed and looking for some legit free online work from home jobs, then this is the right place to increase your valuable knowledge.

best work from home jobs

In recent times there is no shortage of online work from home jobs. But, many times, we have come across the job post, which requires money. However, many times people, in search of online work from home jobs, handed themselves to the job offers, which are so nice to be true.

Once in our life, we all have come over to the job posts, which claims no experience, flexible time, fair pay, and much more, which cannot be believed. Or some of the online work from home jobs directly ask for a registration fee or skill learning fee before you start. Hence, in the end, people failed to find an authentic and free online work from home jobs. 

Best online work from home jobs List

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Graphic designing
  • Teaching English online
  • Proofreader
  • Copy writing
  • Earn by taking surveys
  • Social media advertiser
  • Picture or video editing
  • YouTube channel
  • Software testing
  • Slice the pie
  • in-home baking
  • social media manager
  • Voice over artist
  • Personal training
  • Virtual recruiter
  • Short tasks
best home based jobs

The dream of working in pajamas by online work from home jobs can be achieved now, without falling as a victim to a scam which only asks for money and never turns up the paycheck.

We have listed and elaborated some online work from home jobs which you can do without any specific degree. These jobs can be learned through internet blogs; YouTube videos, or free online pieces of training.

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Here are 17 free online work from home jobs that any aged person with little skill can do. These stay at home jobs can be done part-time or full-time; it is up to you. It will benefit you in both ways.  

Top 17 online work from home jobs

1.   Virtual receptionist:

Still, people like to communicate human rather than recorded audios in many companies’ customer care services in technological advancement. The virtual receptionist can be the best online work from home jobs for many people with excellent communication skills.

virtual receptionist online work from home jobs

A virtual receptionist job can make you feel like a home receptionist. The tasks for a virtual receptionist are the same as the office-based receptionist. They attend calls, forward them to the related employee, perform small tasks, make outgoing calls, and much more.

Small businesses or small startups heir virtual receptionist. This online work from home based job to make the burden easy for the owner. Many sites like zip Recruiter offer many part-time and full-time virtual receptionist online work from home jobs. The same site also estimated the national average salary of virtual receptionists could be $28,794/year. 

2.   Graphic designing:

There is a huge demand for graphic designers in every industry. And most companies own their in-house graphic designers. But, freelance graphic designing can be a great option in terms of free online work from home jobs. To get your hands on graphic designing, you are not required any bachelors’ degree. This skill can be learned from YouTube or any free source without investing any money.

graphic designing online work from home jobs

This is also a job which can be done part-time or full time. Many online work from home jobs for freelance graphic designers are posted on different sites as well as Facebook groups. Or, you can make your profile on Fiverr and Upwork for selling your services. But, let me remind you that you may need some experience and previous portfolios to show your clients before working on these sites. 

It is reported that a freelance graphic designer can earn up to $45,000 per month.

3. Teaching English online:

This job can be suitable for people who are native English speakers. Or to the students having a Bachelor’s degree in English, you can start working as an online English teacher. In the world, there are many countries where people love to learn English from a native English speaker.

teaching english online work from home jobs

You can turn your mother tongue in your online work from home jobs. There are platforms like VIPKID that offer their platform to the people who want to teach English online with their couch and laptop’s comfort. This platform also provides the freedom of syllabus you can teach.  

You can teach English to Japanese and Chinese students with the flexibility of your time and turn out a comfortable salary to live a standard life. 

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4. Proofreader:

Freelance writer/ proofreaders earn a lot from a normal man; proofreading falls into an editorial category where you have to proofread the article, point out mistakes, or correct them—most of the time, people with less confidence in grammar heirs proofreaders for their tasks.

proofreader online work from home jobs

For working as a proofreader, the skill or degree you will be required will be English. With that, you have to master managing your time because the more work you do, the more you earn.

There is no such barrier in entering this job. This is a part of online work from home jobs, which requires a lot of time. The only thing to be required other than knowledge is consistency and dedication. There are plenty of freelancers earning handsome amount, but, on the other hand, some cannot even make to the living wage.   

To start with this job, you can sign up to Upwork, Fiverr, freelancers, and any other site which offers freelance writing and editing services.

5. Copywriting:

Copy writing is one of the highly-rated online work from home jobs in terms of writing category. Every company, business heirs copywriters to write copies for their products and business. Regardless of article writing pay rate of copy writing does not generally depend on per words.

copywriting online work from home jobs

Businesses pay a tremendous amount to copywriters as the good copy generates good profit to the. There are many freelance copywriters writing copies for companies as their home based jobs. It is reported that copywriters earn an excellent 6 figure salary by staying at home.

There are no such skills required other than dedication. Any copy writing you can choose for your online work from home jobs. Mainly, to start, it does not need any fees; you can get knowledge, prepare some samples, and start finding online work from home jobs.

6. Earn by taking surveys:

These are now in the trend of online work from home jobs. People with no skill for other jobs should check this. Websites are offering the right amount by taking surveys of the sites they ask for. This is free of costs with such a user-friendly interface.

taking surveys online work from home jobs

There are many sites like survey junkie which do not charge for starring. This can be done while waiting for the bus or just lying on your couch. They offer points to be converted real money, which can be transacted through PayPal at any time. 

7.  Social media advertiser:

While using social media, maybe Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen some part-time or full-time job posts by random peoples. These random people work as social media advertisers for particular companies.

social media advertiser online work from home jobs

This also can be an excellent job to choose for the people who are social media junkies or want a part-time job for some amount. These online work from home jobs are based on the advertising company’s post to the different groups, making a large number of people visit their sites. Mostly these online work from home jobs are based on some hours of the day. Like, you can work for 2 hours of the day, and at the end of the month or a week, you can earn a fair amount.  

The people who are seeking a shortcut to earning money without many efforts can try this. There are a lot of chances of scam in these types of online work from home jobs. So, you have to be careful while looking for your comfort. 


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8. Picture or video editing: 

There is a large number of acceptance of people knowing editing skills. People with editing skills are given more importance as social media needs clear skin, slim body, and high-resolution images. So, video or picture editing can also be an excellent option to start for free without any investment. 

video editing online work from home jobs

If you want to learn to edit, there are several contents on the internet, particularly your tube with complete guidance. You do not have to even invest in expensive software at the initial stage. There are tons of free software like Filmora. 

You can find online work from home jobs in editing through Upwork, and Fiverr and many other platforms also offer a great deal for this job. According to a Glassdoor survey, a freelance video editor can make $57,284/ year.  

9.   YouTube channel:

YouTube is what we always use for searching for any content, tech reviews, recipes, and many other things.

The best example of online work from home jobs can be a YouTube channel. There is a massive number of people looking forward to this idea even, me too! This is a type of job that requires no prior education, degree, or a specific skill. And it’s free. 

youtube channel online work from home jobs

To start, You have to sign up and start posting videos. If you do not have any skillset like baking or any other, you can begin to review channel either where you can review either book you read, Netflix series, or anything.

But, I would recommend this job to a dedicated person and is not looking for instant paycheques. However, YouTube pays you, but some policies and time limitations are for their payments to start.

10. Software testing:

On every step, we require software, whether it is writing, editing, learning, or accounting, etc. we always need software to work on. Software testing is also in high demand to online work from home jobs, used to analyze and detect the manufactured software. Software testers must identify the defects in the current and previous software to meet them to the users’ requirements.

software testing online work from home jobs

11.  Slice the pie:

Slice the pie is one of the internets’ largest site to do a home based job. This site deals with reviews, feedback, and comments. You can get paid by every review, feedback, or comment about anything from clothes to jewelry or tech to anything you make. 

It is free to sign up. They have launched their app as well for the ease of the users. Now, you can do reviews and earn any time anywhere. 

This type of online work from home jobs can be highly beneficial and recommended to the people who want to share their thoughts and reviews about others. 

12. in-home baking:

If you are fond of desserts and enjoy making them, you can turn your hobby into your online work from home jobs. There are enormous demands for fancy cakes, cake pops, and deserts. People used to order fancy cakes at high prices.

in home baking online work from home jobs

The main thing people notice to order more than taste is hygiene. So, you can offer a good taste with hygiene by working at home. Taking orders requires your phone and nothing at all. This can costs you much more than what you let in the cake or desserts. BONUS TIP!!! For more advertisement and acknowledgment among people, you can use your social media.  

This work from the home job does not need any startup fee as you can use your regular oven and ingredients for the starting.

13.  social media manager:

Big companies and sites have a lot of work to do than managing their social media accounts. However, nowadays, the presence of social media is more than managing a business. These companies, entrepreneurs, or successful celebrities heir social media managers to manage their social media comments, orders, engagement, etc. 

social media manager online work from home jobs

This job also does not need any startup fee; you can work on essential experience. The task for social media managers is to manage the beauty of the feed and their engagement. This can be the best online work from home jobs only requires a smartphone mainly. 

According to the survey, a national average pay of social media manager is $51,170 per year and can go up to $78k. 


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14. Voice over artist:

As YouTube and other video content types are getting high in trend, more people hire voice over artists. For this kind of online work from home jobs, you may not need any money to start with. The only thing requires will be your accent, voice, and voice editing tools. 

voice over artist online work from home jobs

This job gives you the ability to work remotely with any flexible hours. Did you know that your voice can also make money? No, then here I have given you knowledge. You can start finding this job right away. Quality of you being multilingual can increase the chances of works and, consequently, the pay rate.

15. Personal training:

If you think you love working out and can guide people better than what they are doing at home. You can charge for this. You can train people and help them work out with better methods to live a healthy life.  

personal training online work from home jobs

You can start giving training to people even through online platforms or call them over your place. Great platforms offer personal trainers to occupy the space and guide their audience more clearly and briefly.

16. Virtual recruiter:

You can start working as a virtual recruiter for free. It is pretty much the same task as an in-house recruiter. You will be responsible for searching for the best matching candidate for the field. You will also be responsible for screening the selected candidates’ experience and skillset and having him over an interview.  

virtual recruiter online work from home jobs

You can find many online work from home jobs of virtual recruiters from different places and can earn a good living. Most importantly, you can get the freedom to work from anywhere and any period.  

17. Short tasks:

Short tasks can be a possibly great way of earning from the comfort of the house. There are many quick tasks like giving reviews, solving some mathematics problems, taking surveys, and others posted by people. These tasks can be performed in a little time and can make a fair amount of money.

short task online work from home jobs

How to Find the Best Online Work From Home Jobs Opportunities

You’ve probably seen all of the online work from home jobs that you can do online. You may even have done them yourself. But which ones are the best online work from home jobs? 

There are several that come to mind right off the top of my head. Some of these are real online work from home jobs for adults, and some are online work from home jobs that pay well. 

Most of the adults on the list have children, though, so they probably discuss this with their partner before taking on any new online work from home jobs. And there are other types of families as well, such as those that only have a mother and father, or those where the parents stay at home. 

You’ll often see people on the best online work from home jobs lists that have a family full of children as well. 

  • One of the most important things you need to know when finding the best online work from home jobs is how much they pay. The median income is about forty dollars an hour.

    This is not a typo. This is the amount companies in the business charge their employees, and if you want to get paid this amount, then you should be working online. Companies that offer entry-level positions are recommended places to start. 
  • Many companies require new employees to start with entry-level online work from home jobs. This gives them the chance to build their company by building their reputation, and their pay. If you want to make money part-time while working at home, part-time online jobs are recommended. These will allow you to build experience needed to apply for higher paying full time positions in the future. 
  • You should check the Internet every day for any new available positions and keep your eyes open for new part-time positions or remote positions that match what you’re looking for. Companies post these openings for a reason: people are interested.

    When you search for part time online work from home, online work from home jobs on the Internet, you can find many openings and these companies don’t have a lot of competition. 
  • If you’re serious about finding work online, then you should start by searching for online job listings. You’ll want to narrow your search down to local online job openings. Then, start sending them your resume, and any samples of your work.

    Remember to follow up with any of the companies, and always be polite in your responses. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to find legitimate online work from home jobs in no time at all.


People always look for free online work from home jobs to manage their flexible schedules which, mainly required no investment before the appointment or first paycheque. Hence, it should be, but people fail to find the best type of according to their mindset because of the more significant scams. So the essential thing to do is to research the type of online work from home jobs you want to do. 

best stay at home jobs

Make sure before accepting the job offer to get yourself settled around. If the advertisement or demands feels fishy, do not go for it because, majorly, these demands are a trap for innocent people. However, some reputable companies ask for some amount of personal details to ensure your criminal background. But, still, I will recommend being careful with all your senses.

To conclude, I have listed and elaborated on some online work from home jobs that do not require any fees or any primary skill. However, some of the online work from home jobs from the list requires time and dedication to earn, just like YouTube. Or some may offer instant payments.

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If you find this research/list helpful or have experienced any of them, feel free to share. 

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